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How to Install Enforce without initializing database


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


There is a need to install the Enforce Server on a new box that connects to an existing database without overwriting the database.


 Relevant versions:  7.x and below

  1. Create a property file. For example, (or whatever name you desire).
  2. Add one line to this file (this is case sensitive):
  3. Execute the Vontu installer from the command line:
    ProtectInstaller.exe -f
  4. During the Manager installation:
    For 6.0 you should now be prompted by a dialog asking "Would you like to preserve the existing schema?" [yes or no]
    For 7.0 you should now be prompted by a dialog saying "The installer has detected a mode to bypass schema modifications for the Vontu Enforce install." [OK]
  5. Click Yes or OK
  6. The installer will continue as usual, skipping all of the database steps

NOTE:  If you have modified any config files on the existing installation, you should retain a copy of those files and make the same modifications to the newly created files.

NOTE:  In Vontu 8 the installer UI allows you to install Vontu without reinitializing the Vontu database. To preserve a pre-existing database, in the Vontu 8 installer UI, de-select the "Initialize Enforce Data" checkbox.

Relevant to versions: 8.x

The actual item that we are looking for is a check box with the words "initialize database".  By default this box is checked (which makes sense if you are doing a fresh install).  You will need to uncheck it so that your database remains unaltered.

This appears toward the end of the installer wizard sequence.  Specifically, it shows up right after you complete all of the "Account Setup" information.