How to restore Offerings deleted manually from Catalog's UI?
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How to restore Offerings deleted manually from Catalog's UI?


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For different reasons, there may be the need to delete OOTB Offerings or Offerings folder listed on Offering section (Catalog -> Service Offerings -> Offerings) in Catalog's UI. Once they are deleted, they disappear from the UI and there is no direct way to recover them.

How to restore Offerings deleted manually from Catalog's UI?


Release: CASVCT99000-12.9-Service Catalog


When the 'Remove' button is clicked on any OOTB offering folder, is removed from Catalog's UI, but this is just a 'soft delete', which means that the information remains at MDB level, but not displayed on Offerings section.

For example, if the folder "IT Support Service" is deleted from UI, offerings like "Report an Issue" or "Reset User Password" won't be available. But going to the MDB and run a SELECT against "usm_offering" table, both offerings will be listed.

Since the remove was done at folder level, the first thing is to identify the whole path of the offering. If we take "Report and Issue" offering as example, we will see the path is something as follow:


Which corresponds to: "BU -> IT Support Services -> Service Management -> Report an Issue "

Now, we need to check the 'parent_id' of each. Since the removal was done on "IT Support Service" folder, its 'parent_id' will "-2".

In order to restore it, we need to set the right value for its parent, which is BU's "offering_id", on this example corresponds to "10001", which can be set using the following query:

UPDATE usm_offering
SET parent_id = 10001
WHERE offering_id = 10082

After this, and restarting Catalog's service, the OOTB offerings will be available again.