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How to set up Novell Drives for Discover scanning


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Data Loss Prevention Network Discover


Setting up Novell drives in SymantecDLP


Novell is not officially supported in SymantecDLP (testing has not been done).  SymantecDLP supports only mounted and CIFS shares. Generally, whether or not a workaround addresses a seen problem depends on the underlying communication and file system used to communicate.

For more information on File System Primer environments, see

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To mount Novell shares for Discover:

1.       Ensure the credentials are correct:

a)   Use the credentials to open up the drive that you want to scan.

b)   If that fails, you must get new credentials.

c)   If it is successful, check to see whether a mount or jcifs is being used:

Go to /SymantecDLP/Protect/config/ and see if the following applies:

crawler.use.jcifs = false

If crawler.use.jcifs = false, means they are using jcifs, and they are using a mount. The default is false.

2.  Go to /SymantecDLP/Protect/bin to see the following files of interest:

nfs.bat - contains the command used to connect when using NFS mount
nfsu.bat - contains the command used to disconnect when using NFS mount
smb.bat - contains the command used to connect when using non-jcifs mount
smbu.bat - contains the command used to disconnect when using non-jcifs mount

3.  Use the following Discover commands to ensure you can connect:

Inside the file, smb.bat:
net use %1 %2 %4 /user:%3 /persistent:no
%1 = drive
%2 = path
%3 = username
%4 = password


net use m: \\<machine>\C$ protectdemo /user:protectdemo /persistent:no

If you cannot connect with this command, you have permissions issues. Make sure that everything matches what you entered in the UI.