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Data Loss Prevention HTTP/HTTPS Endpoint exclusion not working properly


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent


Symantec Data Loss Prevention Endpoint

In the endpoint agent configuration, you have added a filter to exclude a particular domain, similar to: -*
However, you still receive incidents for requests to the excluded domain, when a custom port is in use (such as


This behavior is expected.
The filter directly parses the URL of the request.
Since does not literally match * (due to the custom port), the exception is not triggered.


  • You can override this behavior by adding the port number to the filter string. e.g. -*
  • If you need to add multiple ports for the same domain, you can use a wildcard for the port as well. e.g. -**

Note that in the latter case, the filter only matches URLs that have a specified port number. You need to add this filter in addition to the original filter without a port number (-**, -*