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How can I register a 4.x Web Agent with a R12.52 SP1 Policy Server?


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We have an application protected with a 4.x Web Agent and we want to register it with our R12.52 SP1 Policy Server, however we do not know how to set the shared secret in the WebAgent.conf file to match as it is encrypted.

How could we register this Web Agent?


Policy Server R12.52 SP1
Web Agent R4.x


To register the R4 Web Agent with the R12.52 SP1 Policy Server, you should do the following steps:

  1. Configure the Agent object in the R12.52 SP1 AdminUI, and create it as 4.x. You will have to specify the Shared Secret and Web Agent IP address.
  2. Then, in the Web Agent webagent.conf file, you have to set the R12.52 SP1 Policy Server IP by changing the "policyserver=<IP address>" parameter, and set the sharedsecret parameter as follows.
  3. In R4 version sharedsecret value needs to be encrypted. To do this, you have to use the encryptkey tool in your R4 Web Agent installation to update the shared secret accordingly:

./encryptkey -path <path_of_WebAgent.conf>
[-sharedSecret <new_shared_secret>]
[-dominoDefaultUser <user fullname>] - applies to Domino Web Agents only
[-dominoSuperUser <user fullname>] - applies to Domino Web Agents only
[-useVersion <version number, for example, 4.0>]
[-upgrade <version number from which to convert, for example, 4.0>]
[-section <Section in .conf file to place sharedSecret.
Currently this is only applicable to Affiliate.conf>]

Example:  ./encryptkey -path <path_of_WebAgent.conf> -sharedSecret <sharedsecret_value>