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How to Enable NTP Without Reinstalling the Enforce Server


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Enforce Server was installed without enabling NTP. Is it possible to turn on NTP without reinstalling?


The NTP time source should be the same for all machines. For 6.0, this is set up during installation.  You can configure the Enforce Server to use NTP after installation, if it is not done initially.  The various detection servers could have the Enforce server as the NTP source BUT this is not the only means to set up NTP.

NOTE:  You must choose the same synchronization method for all Vontu servers.

There are a few ways to set up NTP after an install (prioritized from best to worst):

1.       Configure NTP server in AD if Vontu systems are in an AD domain (on a GPO policy level through AD)

2.       Configure all Vontu systems as clients of a common corporate or external NTP server

3.       Use Enforce as NTP server and Vontu detection servers as its clients

To verify which server is the default NTP source on Windows:

1.       From the command line, run 'w32tm /resync /rediscover'

2.       Check Windows Event Log shortly after to see what is the active time source

To force the Enforce server to be the NTP source you can use the `net time` command within the cmd prompt.

Please reference: for further information.