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KNOWN ISSUE: FTP blocking leaves a 0 bit file on FTP site


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When an attempt is made to upload a file containing confidential keywords to an ftp site, the block popup shows but a 0 bit file exists on the FTP server.


Relevant version:  V10

This is a known issue.

During file upload the FTP client sends a "STOR <filename>" command to the FTP server.   For file path resolution, the file is resolved by matching the short file name against a list of files opened by the ftp client. This occasionally fails because an application may send the STOR command before actually opening the file.  To handle such cases, Symantec DLP performs file path resolution during the first data packet transfer.  At this point the file has to be opened by the client.  So, in such cases, the STOR command will reach the server and create an empty file on the server.

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