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Outdated Endpoint Servers Configuration for 11.1 or later


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent


If you are upgrading your system to 11.1 or later and you are using Endpoint Prevent, you
need to take additional steps to ensure that your upgraded DLP Agent configurations are
successfully registered with the Enforce Server.

The upgrade process as described in the Symantec Data Loss Prevention Upgrade Guide
updates existing DLP Agent configurations with new settings. After you complete the
upgrade process, the Enforce Server administration console reports that existing Endpoint
Servers use an outdated configuration.


This means you need to apply the updated agent configuration to your Endpoint Servers.

To do this, complete the following steps:

To apply the updated agent configuration to Endpoint Prevent servers

1 Log on to the Enforce Server administration console using the Administrator account.
2 Select System > Agents > Agent Configuration.
3 Select Apply Configuration.
4 Select all available configurations, and then click Apply and Update.
5 Click Done.