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Can I add a secondary Endpoint server to an Endpoint agent already installed?


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How can I add a secondary Endpoint server, for failover, to an Endpoint agent already installed.


There are different ways to add a “Secondary Endpoint server” to an Endpoint agent already installed.


Here the details:


1.       Use uninstall/reinstall script with all the servers listed

2.       Manually update the database using the agent tool update_configuration.exe

3.       Use the DLP IC if available (Altiris console)

4.       Use the DLP console


Below the steps of option 2:


-          copy the tool update_configuration.exe into the DLP Endpoint agent folder

-          run this command to change the Endpoint server:

           update_configuration.exe -name=AggregatorCommunicator -setting=AggregatorHost -type=str -value=server1

-          run this command to change/add the Alternative Endpoint server:

           update_configuration.exe -name=AggregatorCommunicator -setting=AggregatorHost2 -type=str -value=server2

Replace the value "server1" and "server2" with the hostname of the Endpoint servers. Using the update_configuration.exe tool, the changes are applied immediately without restarting the agent; but, in this case, you need to restart the EDPA service to re-connect the DLP Endpoint agent to the Endpoint server.

You can use vontu_sqlite.exe tool to see the DLP Endpoint agent configuration:

sqlite> select * from configuration;


Below the steps of option 4:


-          Go to System -> Agents -> Overview

-          Select one or more Agents

-          Select Actions -> Change Endpoint Server

-          Select the “Primary Endpoint server”

-          Click “+” and select the “Alternative Endpoint server” (this option is available only if you have 2 or more Endpoint servers)


If the Primary Endpoint server is unavailable, the Endpoint agent will automatically switch to the Alternative Endpoint server. As long as the Alternative Endpoint server will be available, the Endpoint agent will stay connected to it.