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Copying data from PDF to clipboard displays error in V11 Endpoint


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent


With clipboard monitoring enabled when customer selects some text in a PDF
document and does Ctrl-C, it throws this error:

"There was an error while copying to the Clipboard. An internal error occurred."

Whenever this failure occurs, the contents are getting copied to the clipboard
(in Text and Unicode formats) but it does not capture the contents in
RichTextFormat and/or ASEL formats.


When user does Ctrl-C in a PDF document, Adobe tries to set the contents in the
clipboard in 4 different formats - Text, UnicodeText, RichTextFormat and ASEL.
Edpa process is evoked four times. When this error happens, Adobe
fails to set the contents in RichTextFormat and/or ASEL formats.  The error translates to an first-chance exception that Acrobat handles by throwing the error to the user.

Text and UnicodeText that is copied will be Monitored.  A fix is required for RichText and ASEL.

This bug was fixed in 11.1.2 and 11.5.

eTrack 2417186.