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Does Symantec DLP create objects in the SYSTEM tablespace?


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


The Oracle database is comprised of multiple tablespaces, each used to provide a means of separating the storage and space management needs for different schemas.  This article will briefly discuss how Symantec DLP installs in relation to the tablespaces.


Symantec DLP (as of v8, 9) uses two tablespaces: USERS and LOB_TABLESPACE.  If a customer has performed the 7 to 8 upgrade, there is a possibility that there exists tablespaces called USERS2 and LOB_TABLESPACE2.  It is within these two tablespaces and ONLY these two tablespaces that the Symantec DLP "protect" schema is stored. 

NOTE: The SYSTEM tablespace is and/or should be reserved for Oracle use only!  No other schema objects should be stored there!

See Also:  KB 42834: DBA best practice: Avoid creating objects in the SYSTEM tablespace