eSATA Support
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eSATA Support


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What level of support does the DLP Endpoint Agent provide for eSATA disks and are eSATA devices recognized as internal fixed disks or removable media ?


The DLP endpoint agent provides full support for the scanning / detection of eSATA devices not withstanding the agent configuration that has been applied. However, depending upon system configuration and hardware drivers, the device may be recognized as either an internal disk or an external removable drive. This is highly dependent upon the customer environment. It is recommended to use a tool such as msinfo32 to determine if the operating system has recognized the device as being internal or external. DLP is dependent upon the operating system to recognize the device correctly. If the device is recognized as internal then the agent will need to be configured to monitor local drives in order to perform detection on files written to the eSATA device.


The manner in which the operating system recognizes the eSATA is outside the control of the DLP application.