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ORA-00600 error stops Vontu Monitor Controller on Enforce and/or FileReader fails to start on a Detection Server


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


The Vontu Monitor Controller service may not start on Enforce and as a result, the Filereader process on a Detection Server will not start.

The following error appears in the MonitorController0.log:

SEVERE: Failed to notify observer
com.vont[email protected]79c190a2
* SQLException during execution of sql-statement:
* sql statement was 'SELECT A0.conditionID,A0.type,A0.createDate,A0.editDate,,A0.processingOrder,A0.minimumMatches,A0.matchType,A0.metaInformation,A0.caseSensitive,A0.keywordList,A0.delimiter,A0.isTokenizedSearch,A0.checkKeywords,A0.checkProximityKeywords FROM OrCondition M_N, KeywordCondition A0 WHERE (M_N.conditionGroupID = ?) AND M_N.orConditionID = A0.conditionID'
* Exception message is [ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [koklcne1], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], []
* Vendor error code [600]



There are a couple of solutions:

Option 1. Restart the Oracle Database services

Option 2. If restarting the Oracle services does not work, do the following:

 - On the enforce server, can you do the following:
 - Go to Vontu installation folder
 - Go to Protect/install/sql
 - If protect is user and SID, execute: sqlplus protect/[email protected]@Fix_Keywordcondition.sql
 - commit;
 - Restart Oracle services
 - Restart Vontu services

If neither of these options work, send the Fix_Keywordcondition.txt created in Option 2.

Note: If this is happening after an upgrade of Oracle database to 11g, be sure the  recommended  post_v11_upgrade_11gr2.sql  script has been run on the database (it calls the Fix Keyword Condition script as well). See the DLP Oracle 11g Installation Upgrade Guide for more details.