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Where is the Oracle alert_protect.log?


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Where to find the alert_protect.log to troubleshoot database issues?



For Oracle 11g and 12c (11.x and 12.x), the default log location is: 

For Windows:




For Linux:


The alert.log is always located in the trace directory. The location of the trace directory may be changed by a DBA. If the alert log is not located in the listed directory, log into SQLPlus as sysdba, and typing the following:

show parameter background_dump_dest

Note: The filename is alert_<SID>.log. If you are using a SID other than protect, the filename will be changed accordingly. Likewise, on Windows, if Oracle is installed on a drive other than C: (recommended for production installations), then you should look on that drive for the alert log.

The log can also be found with a file search for alert_<SID>.log.