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Could not complete the upgrade. An error has occurred: A file could not be created.


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


During a DLP upgrade (any version) you receive the following error:

Could not complete the upgrade
An error has occurred:
A file could not be created. This may be because the file already exists and it is write-locked. The file is E:\Vontu\Protect\updates\update-id-109\..\..\..\Protect\bin\VontuIncidentPersister.exe

NOTE: The update-id folder can be called any variation of numbers, or, if a manual/local upgrade, it would be the name that was manually created, such as EnforceUpgrade11.0

Additionally the .exe filename can be any of the Vontu Binaries.

VontuIncidentPersister.exe, VontuManager.exe, VontuMonitorController.exe, VontuNotifier.exe, VontuUpdate.exe, VontuMonitor.exe


This error commonly happens during an upgrade when applications are monitoring Vontu services and restart the services DURING an upgrade. 

One example of this issue happening is if you have IBM Tivoli monitoring DLP services.   The DLP upgrade, when started, stops all Vontu Services except VontuUpdate. The rest of the Vontu services must remain stopped until the upgrade finishes.  When the upgrade finishes; DLP upgrader will start the Vontu services automatically.

The key here is during a DLP upgrade verify that no applications are monitoring the Vontu services.