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EDM Error: “unexpected error creating RAM index...”


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The error message, “unexpected error creating RAM index...”, occurs even if a small EDM is uploaded. The logs show that the data processing of the EDM is complete, but shows that the indexing failed. This is a memory issue.


When this error occurs, the VontuManager.log contains an error relating to initializing the VM. This error occurs because a separate JVM is launched to handle the indexing. Even if the EDM is small, the JVM tries to grab a set amount of memory and is unsuccessful.

There are several solutions to the error, "unexpected error creating RAM index...": 

  • Ensure that your pagefile.sys is larger or preferably twice the size of your physical RAM - Windows memory management is particular in how paging is used. Even if you see Gigs of available memory the actual allocation might not occur as a result of a low pagefile.sys file. 
  • Reboot the machine, try again to clear all memory buffers 
  • Allocate more physical memory 
  • Reduce the max_indexer_memory property in the Vontu/Protect/Config/ file. This property controls how much memory the indexer JVM consumes when launched.