SCTY Delete Prompts to Confirm VERIFY DELETE WITH Y OR YES but Response Returns INVALID COMMAND - Y


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CA FAQS - Automated Systems Operation


When I invoke the CA FAQS ASO Main Menu then option 2.S.S (SCTY), I use the prefix command "L" (Delete) and I am prompted with "Verify DELETE with Y or YES". When I type "Y" and hit enter I receive "INVALID COMMAND - Y"

How can I delete a user id ?


Release: FQ/FL.00100-5.1-FAQS-Automated Systems Operation


The online field level help for the L Delete command says : 

" Use this option to DELETE a userid or profile from the list. Enter the 'L' 
next to the name of the entry you wish to delete. To verify delete, you 
must overtype the name with YES and blank the rest of the field. This 
option will delete the PDS member associated with the user id or profile 
selected. For CA Top Secret users, when a profile is selected for 
deletion, this profile acid will be deleted, and any associations for 
existing users of this profile will be severed. " 

What you actually need to do, is when you get the "Verify DELETE with Y or YES" message, tab back down to the userid you want to delete, re-enter the L command next to the userid and overtype the name with YES and blank to the end of the name field, then hit enter, and it will return with <ERASED> next to the userid.