Is the use of Oracle export, import, or datapump supported by Symantec DLP technical support?


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Oracle provides a set of utilities with all versions of their database installation.

They are used for drawing data directly from the database in such a form that they can be imported into another database, and in certain case between database versions.

Does Symantec DLP provide technical support for the use of these utilities:

  • exp
  • imp
  • datapump


Except as indicated in the "Symantec™ Data Loss Prevention Oracle 12c Standard Edition 2 Release 2 Installation and Upgrade Guide" (available as DOC10713), Symantec DLP does NOT provide support for these utilities for DLP. 

In releases previous to DLP 14.6, they have not been certified for use with the schema and as such may not be used as part of a backup plan.

Trained DBAs may use these utilities with full responsibility for any and all associated outcomes.