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What to Do if the Installer Hangs in SQL*Plus


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Occasionally, the Installer Hangs While Executing SQL*Plus.


Relevant versions:  6.x and 7.x

For Vontu 6.0, do the following: 

  1. Check to see whether the installer is stuck while executing SQL*Plus:
    • Linux: On the commandline "ps -ef | grep Vontu". One of the processes should be SQL*Plus
    • Windows: Use process explorer to do the above 
  2. Execute the following command: 
    • Linux: Run as root. su -c -l protect "sqlplus
    'protect/[email protected](DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=' ". Copy verbatim, the quotes (single and double) are important and not expendable. 
    • Windows: sqlplus protect/[email protected]'(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=' . Again the quotes are important.
    You should be logged into SQL*Plus. If SQL*Plus prompts you for the username and password then there is something wrong.
  3. Check for password correctness. 
  4. Check to see whether the password has special characters (defined in the install documentation). 
  5. Stop the SQL*Plus process. The installation has failed. Run the ECU and get the logs.

For Vontu 7.0, the following changes apply: 

  1. The installer checks if it can connect to the DB during the pre-install (For example, when you enter the oracle username, password and sid in the installer UI). It returns with a failure message if it is unable to connect to the database. 
  2. Theoretically, it should not hang. After the database is created, it runs a validation script. The script returns with a failure prompt if the database validation failed. Look for the DatabaseValidation.log file in the install directory (c:\Vontu\DatabaseValidation.log, for example).