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How does one download a PTF from the new CA Support Portal?


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SymDump for CICS SymDump Batch


I am looking for RO96764 so it can be provided to City of Boston.  I don't see it anymore online and was hoping support had it so I can provide them.  How does one download a PTF from the new CA Support Portal?


Release: SYMDBA00200-9.1-SymDump-Batch


You should be able to download RO96764 using the CA Support Portal. 


1. Go to the CA Support Portal 

2. Enter RO96764 in the search box and click on the magnifying glass 

3. On the results page you should see: "For Solution and Problem search results, click here". Click on "here". 

4. You get back one on it.... 

5. You finally get to a Solution Document for RO96764 with a "Download Solution" and you can click on that to download the solution. 


I did that and uploaded it to the mainframe as AD1SUP.RO96764.UPLOAD and in there I see 



CA SYSVIEW Release 14.1 


++VER(Z038) FMID(CNM4E10) 


SUP(TSE1193 NC83864). 


So RO96764 has a PRE of RO91443.