Data Loss Prevention 11.6.3 Support for Windows 8 Enterprise Desktop Environment


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Symantec Data Loss Prevention version 11.6.3 supports Windows 8 Enterprise desktop environment


Symantec Data Loss Prevention version 11.6.3 supports applications running in the Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise desktop environment (32-bit or 64-bit) for PCs.

Support for desktop apps in Windows 8 is similar to the support for Windows 7, with the following known issues:

* You cannot install the DLP Agent using the default installer. To install the DLP Agent, add the parameter Allow2003=yes to the InstallAgent.bat file, then install the agent from the command line.

If you attempt to install with the parameter "ALLOW2003" set to yes,  you will receive the following error:

Symantec Data Loss Prevention Installer Info...
Symantec Data Loss Prevention requires your computer is running Windows 7.

* Some DLLs may not be removed when you uninstall the DLP Agent. To clean up these files, restart your computer.

Symantec Data Loss Prevention does not support monitoring of Windows Store (also known as Metro-based) applications. While detection can still occur and incidents are created, there are limitations and known issues related to the detection of Windows Store applications. Symantec Technical Support will not resolve issues that are specific to using Symantec Data Loss Prevention for detecting content and activities of Windows Store applications.

Although Symantec Data Loss Prevention does not support detection for Windows Store apps, incidents are created (if there are policy violations) when such apps are used. The following issues apply to Symantec Data Loss Prevention when Windows Store apps are used:

 * Monitoring does not work for FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, print, or Clipboard.

 * Application File Access monitoring does not work.

 * Policy violations in Windows Store apps create corresponding pop-up windows in the desktop environment.

 * Incidents reported from any Windows Store app appear with the application name RuntimeBroker.exe.