Enforce UI error saving scheduled reports when Match Count Between filter used


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


Saving a report which uses a Match Count Between filter causes a red error message to be displayed on the UI:  "An unexpected error has occurred.  This could be due to one of the following: 1) Your session timed out and you selected a link that was no longer valid, 2) You used the browser back or forward button placing the system into an inconsistent state, or 3) The system experienced a temporary problem.

None of these seem to apply and you cannot save the report.  How can this be addressed?


This issue appears to coincide with use of the Match Count Between filter in V10.x.  In addition to the red banner or RSOD error message, the following may appear in Tomcat logs:  "com.vontu.manager.ProtectManagerException: The user input couldn''t be validated. Either a string has exceeded its maximum length, a number was hill formatted or out of range."

Workarounds include:

  • Upgrade to V11 - this appears to address this issue.
  • Remove the Match Count Between filter, and optionally use other filter types instead.