What sample job do we use to assemble CA Teleview exits?
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What sample job do we use to assemble CA Teleview exits?


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CA-Teleview provides interfaces to user exits at a number of critical points during its management of terminal and application sessions and data streams. These exits can be used to augment, modify, or replace normal CA-Teleview processing. The overall objective of the exit architecture is to provide the greatest flexibility for customized installation control over CA-Teleview functions, with the least impact upon reliability and performance of the session management environment.

Sample exits of each type are provided with the CA-Teleview product distribution. These exits can be easily implemented to perform a number of useful functions such as transaction switching, SMF recording, security system (for example, CA-ACF2 and CA-Top Secret) validation, automatic session sign-on, customized sign-on logo, and so forth.

What sample job do we use to assemble Teleview exits?


Teleview 4.4


You can use SAMPJCL member ASMJCL to assemble any of the Teleview exits.

Additional Information

The Administrator Guide chapter on User Exits is intended for network management and systems programming personnel with responsibility for installing and modifying such exits.