Downgrading from Oracle Enterprise Edition to Standard Edition


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After having installed and established a database using Oracle Enterprise Edition, the need or desire arises to downgrade the database to ORacle Standard Edition.  Is this possible and how?


It is possible to downgrade an Oracle database from Enterprise Edition to Standard Edition.  There are caveates involved.

- The only way to do it is through the use of the export/import or DataPump utilities and these are not supported by Symantec DLP Technical Support.

- Downgrading pre-supposes that NONE of the Enterprise edition features are being used.  In the case of the DLP schema, this is largely true.  Enterprise Edition features extend outside of what is available to the schema and a hidden issue, amongst others, may be the present of teh AWR utility.  AWR is a performance monitoring and troubleshooting utility that can be leveraged in Enterprise edition for additional Oracle licensing costs.  Downgrading from Enterprise edition to Standard may result in some obscure errors.

Ultimately, export/import is the way to go in such an endevour.  Customers are strongly encouraged to engage Symantec DLP Professional Services