Accessing the DLP database schema to integrate with a third-party tool
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Accessing the DLP database schema to integrate with a third-party tool


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce Data Loss Prevention


You want to plug a third-party tool into the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) database and do reports and other stuff.

You want the database schema and descriptions of the tables, columns, indexes, and linkage.

There are things in the database that might prevent you from accessing the data, like encryption of the data or numeric values for statuses instead of names.


Symantec/Broadcom does not support the use of 3rd party products using the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) database. 

Thus, the database schema and descriptions of the database elements and operation are not available to customers.

Symantec/Broadcom does not provide the Oracle database schema to customers. The schema is considered proprietary and altering it (for example, partitioning or changing indexing) would prevent our ability to support it. At this time, there are very few stored procedures. Most of the code is created and managed within the application


Nothing prevents you from using any number of database tools to determine the structure of the database.  Observation of the operation would probably reveal most of the design and operation of the database. 

If you decide to reverse engineer the DLP database you must understand the following:

  1. The database schema is not fixed.  It may change at any time without notice.
  2. Most of the data is encrypted by the DLP process prior to insertion into the database.
  3. There is no support for any issues with 3rd party use of the DLP database.




Additional Information

While Broadcom Technical Support can not provide custom scripts outside of the standard functionality of our products, this is something that may be possible by engaging Professional Services / Consulting.  
If you would like to explore this opportunity further follow this link;