Endpoint target scan filters are not working
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Endpoint target scan filters are not working


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Discover


When trying to use Filters for a Endpoint Target scan it seems the filters are not working.



*\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\*

*\Local Settings\Temp\*

*\Local Settings\Application Data\*

*\Local Settings\RECYCLER\*


*\System Volume Information\*




When setting up include and exclude filters following information will be helpful.

Items that can be filtered in Include and Exclude filters are:

Files types: You can enter file extensions in the Include Filters and Exclude Filters to include or exclude file types, respectively.

Folder paths: You can enter folder paths in the Include Filters and Exclude Filters to include or exclude folders, respectively. You can specify a folder path filter for both Windows and Mac endpoints in the same Include filters and Exclude filters fields. You can use environment variables to include or exclude file locations. Using environment variables in Endpoint Discover scans.

Environment variable types:

Variable type
Operating system defined variable
You use this variable type to scan paths specific to the endpoint operating system. For example, you would use 
 to scan the 
 folder on all targeted endpoints.
Symantec Data Loss Prevention
 defined variable
You use this variable to scan all user profile paths on a single endpoint. For example, you would use 
 to scan the 
 folder in all user profiles present on the targeted endpoints.