Getting error when trying to scan Sharepoint with the DLP Sharepoint Crawler
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Getting error when trying to scan Sharepoint with the DLP Sharepoint Crawler


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Trying to scan a Sharepoint server using the DLP Solution crawler; the scan fails with an error "the DLP Solution cannot be found on the Web Front End server."


There are two main items that can cause this issue:

  1. If the Symantec_DLP_Solution has NOT been installed on a Web Front End server.
  2. If you have not given a port number in the scan link.

For item 1, you need to verify the DLP Solution has been installed on the Web Front End Server. If the installer has been run, then you must verify it is installed correctly. Follow these steps:

  1. Connect to Sharepoint Central Administration. On the Sharepoint server, click Start>All Programs>Administrative Tools>Sharepoint Central Administration
    • For Sharepoint 2007, click the Operations tab. In the Global Configuration section, select Solution Management.
    • For Sharepoint 2010, click System Settings. Then select Manage Farm Solutions
  1. Verify the deployment. If the solution is installed correctly, the list includes "symantec_dlp_solution.wsp".
  2. If the solution must be removed, use the Sharepoint retract and undeploy features.

 If you have verified the solution is installed correctly, then the second test would be done by connection to http://<your-site-name>/_vti_bin/sharepointConnector.asmx. eg. If you are scanning, you can enter in the browser and verify you get the web service operations list in reply. If you do, it is installed correctly. If you don't, then the issue could be the second item.

For Item 2, if you are trying to scan a server by simply using URL http://<sharepoint>/site, this will fail. You MUST include the port for the server. eg. http://<sharepoint>:11623/site, or just http://<sharepoint>:11623 if you want to scan the whole server.



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