How to configure DB2 scanning on IBM iseries
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How to configure DB2 scanning on IBM iseries


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You want to configure DB2 scanning on an IBM iseries.


To configure a scan of DB2 on iSeries, do the following:

    1. Obtain the JDBC driver from the Java Toolbox for iSeries (jt400.jar)
    2. Place the file in the jdbc directory of the Discover server (/lib/jdbc)
    3. Modify the permissions on jt400 so that the Protect user has full r/w/x
    4. Edit the following entry in the file:

driver_class.db2fori =
driver_subprotocol.db2fori = as400
driver_jar.db2fori = jt400.jar
driver_table_query.db2fori = SELECT table_schema || '.' || table_name from qsys2.systables where table_schema = '<schema name>'

driver_row_selector.db2fori  =   SELECT * FROM {0.EN_US}  FETCH FIRST {2.EN_US} ROWS ONLY
quote_table_names.db2fori = true

NOTE: The value of the driver_table_query.db2fori property shown here worked for a particular deployment but it will likely need to be modified for other deployments. Work with your DB2fori DBA to develop the correct query for your system. Notably, the prefix "qsys2" may be specific to a particular database configuration and may not be appropriate for your system.

5.  Add the credentials to the scan target and use the following syntax for the connection string: db2fori://hostname