Does the Documentum Scanner require a WebTop host to run a scan on Documentum Server?


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Is it possible to scan a documentum server if the WebTop host is not installed.

Product Version: 11.6


No, it is not possible to scan a Documentum Server if customer does not have a WebTop Host installed on the network. Please refer to the Administration Guide topic “Installing Documentum scanners”  on page # 1279. Which can also be found in KB Article TECH221217

We require to have WebTop Host application installed in the network so that while configuring a Scan for a Documentum content repository we can specify WebTop Host and WebTop Port.  Because scanner connects to the Documentum Server using WebTop Host.

Some customers don’t install WebTop Host as they manage everything from UI based console of documentum, But for scanning a documentum server it is necessary to have WebTop host installed as without specifying its information it won’t be possible to configure a scan.