UI slow to respond
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UI slow to respond


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


Very often the UI is slow due to a large number of incidents that must be:

1. queried from the db, and

2. rendered by the webserver for display in the console.


There are a number of ways that this issue may be remedy.

1. The easiest (and least intrusive) way is to create a new dashboard and customize it according to the needs of the DLP Users.

This has the benefit of reducing the number of objects that must be processed and displayed in the UI. It also will not require additional work on the database side.

2. The more complicated (and intrusive) method is to reduce the number of incidents in the DB.

Reducing the number of incidents in the DB will make processing faster as there are fewer items to render. However, the client may not be willing to do so, or may not be able to make such a change outside of policy. This would need to be part of a longer-term solution.