The report does not show the attachments file names when exported as csv


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The file name field is not present in Endpoint SMTP and HTTP incident snapshots. Accordingly to that, the CSV report won't have any value in the file name column for those incidents.


An enhancement request has been opened to implement that option in the next versions.

The enhancement request ( PM 1680 \ PM-1669 ) are related to this request :

PM-1680 : Include filename in the incident snapshot.

PM-1669 : Reporting: Report summarized by filename


 1/27/2021 PM-1680 and PM-1669 have been superseded by PM-3510.

Consolidating numerous requests to include file name and file size in the incident snapshot and the ability to create incident lists based on those variables.  This should also include exporting via CSV and XML formats.

  • File size and application in the incident snapshot and a checksum and hash value for the file.
  • When reporting file size in the incident snapshot also provide an indication of the total storage required for the incident.
  • Ability to summarize on file size and/or file name and display the info in the report pulled for all incident types.
    • This should include the attachment names in the CSV and XML export.
  • Include the following variables for print incidents:
    • file size
    • file name
    • number of pages
    • print size
  • Make all incident variables available for the Incident Reporting and Update API and for Syslog.


This request has a high priority but does not currently have an ETA.