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ORA- 00192 Oracle instance terminated disconnection forced


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


When Running the Oracle Installation Upgrade the following error is received: "ORA-00192 Oracle error instance terminated disconnection forced"

If you log in using SYSDBA and begin  a connection to the database you will  recieve the error "not able to connect due to idle instance".  The Installation will generate errors writting to file orasnmemsg.dll along with oraevrus.dll

The Oracle Database will only Start running in Upgrade Mode.


This problem is normally caused by an Active process or processes using or holding Oracle Libraries 

ALL Oracle services are stopped.  These include:

 * OracleDBConsoleProtect

* OracleOradb10g_home1TNSListner

* Oracle OracleOradb10g_home1ConfigurationManager

* OracleServiceProtect

There is an additional Windows Service that must be stopped along with the Oracle service which is the "Windows Management Instrumentation"  or WMI service.

Ensure ALL Vontu services are stopped and that any SQL Plus window is closed along with any additional third party tools.

Begin the upgrade and ensure this is running in DBUA (Database Upgrade Assistant)  mode.  Refer to the Symantec Data Loss Prevention Oracle Installation & Upgrade Guide.

In the instance where the database will not start ENSURE any back up software that runs against the database  is stopped.

If necessary restart the server to make sure all processes are released and repeat the above checklist.