Agent "ENABLE_AGENT_TAMPER_PROTECTION" anti tamper settings in DLP
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Agent "ENABLE_AGENT_TAMPER_PROTECTION" anti tamper settings in DLP


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce Data Loss Prevention


Understanding the values which may be configured for the Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) agent configuration advanced setting "ENABLE_AGENT_TAMPER_PROTECTION " and what their effect will be.


The codes are based on a binary matrix…

0 (000) : Disable all tamper protection.
1 (001) : Enable only FileSystem Tamper Protection
2 (010) : Enable only Process Tamper Protection
3 (011) : Enable FileSystem & Process Tamper Protection. Registry Tamper Disabled.
4 (100) : Enable only Registry Tamper Protection
5 (101) : Enable Registry & FileSystem Tamper Protection. Process Tamper Disabled.
6 (110) : Enable Registry and Process Tamper Protection. FileSystem Disabled.
7 (111) : Enable FileSystem, Process and Registry Tamper Protection. This is the default configuration.