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How to configure Common Exits on a vApp based Provisioning Server


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This Techdoc details the steps required for running Program Exits library (.so) when using vApp based Provisioning Server

Can we deploy a provisioning "Program Exits" (none SOAP) on vApp based Provisioning Server is supported.
On windows it would be a .dll-file, on vApp / Linux this would be a .so-file


Virtual Appliance vApp 14.0 / 14.1


As per
"...For Solaris, locate the file on the Provisioning Server service’s library path as defined by the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable. We recommend that you place the library into the $PSHOME/lib directory which is known to already be on LD_LIBRARY_PATH."
This means one should su to the imps user (su – imps) - and then create files in the lib directory:

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