How can I dump the Endpoint Agent configuration for review ?


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How can I dump the Endpoint Agent configuration for further investigation ?


Install vontu_sqlite3 on the Endpoint machine.  This tool is included with the Symantec_DLP_X.X_Agent_Win-IN  package located on the Broadcom support portal ( See TECH249541 for details.

Once installed, login to SQLite with the agent tools password.  The default password is VontuStop, but can be changed by the administrator using the endpointkeytool on Enforce before any agents are installed.

To run this tool, copy vontu_sqlite3 into the Endpoint agent directory where the ks.ead file is located.  The default is C:\Program Files\Manufacturer\Endpoint Agent

Then execute:

vontu_sqlite3 -db=<database file> [-p=<password>]


vontu_sqlite3 -db=cg.ead -p=VontuStop

This will bring up a sql prompt from which sql commands may be executed. 

Run the following commands to dump all configuration settings to a file called cgdump.txt in the same directory.

.header on
.mode csv
.once cgdump.txt

The cgdump.txt contains all of the configuration data. Provide this .txt file to support as needed.