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How can I dump the Endpoint Agent configuration for review?


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How can I dump the Endpoint Agent configuration for further investigation?


Transfer vontu_sqlite3.exe to the endpoint machine.  This tool is included with the Symantec_DLP_X.X_Agent_Win-IN  package located on the Broadcom support portal ( See TECH249541 for details.

To run this tool, copy vontu_sqlite3.exe into the Endpoint Agent directory where the ks.ead file is located.  The default path for windows endpoint agents is C:\Program Files\Manufacturer\Endpoint Agent

Open a command prompt, change directory to the Endpoint Agent directory and then execute:

vontu_sqlite3 -db=<database file> [-p=<password>]


vontu_sqlite3 -db=cg.ead -p=VontuStop

This will bring up a sql prompt from which sql commands may be executed. 

Run the following commands to dump all configuration settings to a file called cgdump.txt in the same directory.

.header on
.mode csv
.once cgdump.txt

The cgdump.txt contains all of the configuration data. Provide this .txt file to support as needed.