Error: "FileReader was restarted because it wasn't responding" in DLP
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Error: "FileReader was restarted because it wasn't responding" in DLP


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Data Loss Prevention Network Monitor Data Loss Prevention


The FileReader fails to start and repeatedly fails to connect in Symantec Data Loss Prevention.

The FileReader log has this entry:

Feb 15, 2010 4:39:32 AM com.vontu.logging.LocalLogWriter write
WARNING: Restarted FileReader. FileReader was restarted because it wasn't responding.



This error occurs because the FileReader on the detection server is not reporting heartbeats back to the Enforce Server.  Do the following:

  • Cycle the Symantec DLP Detection Server Controller Service on the Enforce Server to force it to re-establish a handshake with the Monitor. 


If that does not resolve the problem, make sure you can ping both ways between the Enforce Server and the Monitor using the FQDN, short name & IP Address. 
Also, make sure you can telnet on port 8100 between the two machines.