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Table of all System Events that can occur in the EndPoint System.


Endpoint system events are all of the events that can occur in the Endpoint system. Some of these events are informational only, some of them are warnings, and some of them are severe events that cause the agent to stop working. Informational events require no action or response. Warning events are not an indication that an error has occurred, but that you should investigate your system before an error does occur. A list of responses to severe events is included in the attached document. You can see all of these events on the Endpoint Events page on the management console.

The attached Endpoint System Events table describes all of the events for Endpoint Servers.

The list of Events contained within the attachment (along with their description, severity and response) are as follows:
Agent Store Restored
Agent Store Corrupted
Agent Store Ok
Driver Down
Driver Up
Authentication Failure
Lost Connection
Connection Active
Connection Closed
Service Powered Down
Service Started
Service Stopped
Service Stopped by Admin Tool
Watchdog Started
Watchdog Started by Service
Watchdog Stopped
Service Started by Watchdog
Watchdog Failed to Start
Unexpected Error
Config Success
Config Error
Software Update Success
Software Update Failure
Software Update Requested
Software Update Started
Software Update Timeout
Agent Is Compatible
Agent Is Old
Agent Is Incompatible
Detection Timeout
File Evicted From Store
Detection Queue Full
Cache Full
Cache Limit Reached
Cache File Evicted
Cache Available
Cache Unavailable


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