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Incremental scan stops working after the scan resumes


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Data Loss Prevention Network Discover


An incremental scan may fail to resume the scanning.


There may be a problem loading the incremental index.
The following error message should be in the logs

SEVERE: Unable to determine if table is empty The directory could not be deleted.  [D:\Vontu\Protect\scan\incremental_index\MONITOR\TARGET_241]

In this case, the directory is D:\Vontu\Protect\scan\incremental_index\MONITOR\TARGET_241.  The directory (whichis part of the derby database)  itself may be unlocked (unlikely) or there may be one or more files within the directory that are locked which are preventing the deletion of the directory (likely).

0) Stop the scan if you haven't done so already before doing any of the following.
1) Stop VontuMonitor and then try to delete the file in Windows explorer.
2) Restart the machine