"Unknown error" scanning SharePoint targets after upgrading to DLP 11.5.1


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Data Loss Prevention Network Discover


After upgrading to DLP 11.5.1, SharePoint target scans fail with the following errors:


In the Scan Details:

Failed to read http://sharepoint-server.domain.test/; error: Unknown error. See the log files for details.

In FileReader0.log:

com.vontu.discover.crawler.framework.RepositoryCrawler crawlUserContentRoot
SEVERE: Unknown error. See the log files for details.
com.vontu.discover.repository.RepositoryException: Unknown error. See the log files for details.
 at com.vontu.entropycrawler.ExceptionMaker$DefaultExceptionCreator.buildException(ExceptionMaker.java:74)
Caused by: net.entropysoft.BaseException: The file '/_vti_bin/sharepointConnector-symantec-dlp-11.5.1.asmx' does not exist.
 at net.entropysoft.eci.sharepoint.ws.webservices.ExceptionConverter.handleException(ExceptionConverter.java:82)
Caused by: (302)Found
 at net.entropysoft.util.RelaxedSSLCommonsHTTPSender.invoke(RelaxedSSLCommonsHTTPSender.java:306)


As part of the 11.5.1 upgrade process, the new Symantec SharePoint solution must be installed on the SharePoint Web Front End. 11.5.1 Discover servers do not work with earlier versions of the Symantec SharePoint solution. Please refer to TECH219075 for more information.