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How to see what Features or Channels that are Enabled or Disabled on a single Endpoint Agent.


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You may have the need to verify what monitoring channels are enabled or disabled on a select endpoint agent.

Generally, you can see what channels are enabled in the Agent Configuration.
However, you may want to verify if the new settings were pushed down.


You can use the vontu_sqlite3.exe tool which is included with the for each version of the Endpoint agent.

... copy vontu_sqlite3 into the Endpoint agent directory where the ks.ead file is located.  The default is C:Program FilesManufacturerEndpoint Agent.

... vontu_sqlite3 -db=cg.ead -p=<Tools Password>

To see all the ENABLED and DISABLED channels:

Select * from a configuration where name=”AgentFeature”;


To see all ENABLED channels:

Select * from configuration where name=”AgentFeature” and value=’ENABLED’;


To see all DISABLED channels:

Select * from configuration where name=”AgentFeature” and value=’DISABLED’;