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Error: The Exchange AutoDiscover service is not available


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Data Loss Prevention Network Discover


You have recently upgraded your Discover server to DLP v11.6. You are then trying to configure the Exchange Scanner to connect to a Directory Server configured with LDAPS for Exchange 2010. However you are getting the following possible errors:

1. The Exchange Autodiscover service is not available. Make sure you are using HTTPS connections. If the problem persists, see your Exchange Server admin.

2. Cannot connect to Directory Server ldaps://host:636 using username {1.EN_US}


There are two options to deal with this issue.

Option 1: In the Enforce console, go to the advanced settings for the discover server. Find the value: Discover.Exchange.UseSecureHttpConnections=, and set it to false. Save that change and recycle the Vontu Monitor service.

Option 2: Change the Directory Server URL without using SSL connectcion to LDAP and the non-secured port of 389. i.e. ldap://host:389