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Supported Napatech Capture Card Configuration


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Data Loss Prevention Network Monitor


Napatech Capture Card compatibility for DLP version 11.6 and above.


Network Monitor version 11.6 and above


Operating System:

Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition 64-bit or

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4+ 5.9 64-bit

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 and 6.5 supported on DLP 12.5.x versions,  Napatech card drivers software needs to be obtained through Napatech.


Napatech Driver as of Napatech Software Package v12.2.0
Driver version in Device Manager will show 4.22.0

Napatech High Speed Capture Card

Special Part Number for Symantec Data Loss Prevention:

  • 801-0075-09-02-SY   4 port electrical NT4E-4T
  • 801-0074-09-02-SY   4 port fiber NT4E-4

PCIe 4x1Gb RJ45 ports

Max 1 Gigabyte of onboard RAM

DLP 11.6.x NT4E-STD V 4.22
DLP 12.x Windows NT4E, driver V 4.22c
DLP 12.x Linux  NT4E, driver V 4.22a

Traffic 900 Mbps.  Keep in mind, PacketCapture can handle 80Mbps, so high volume will need to be filtered. 

What is the maximum bandwidth a network monitor can process? See TECH221929