How to uninstall a Symantec DLP detection server in Windows


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How to uninstall Network Monitor or other detection server from a Windows system


Relevant Versions:  7.x and up

To uninstall a detection server from Windows, follow these instructions (available in the Symantec DLP Installation Guide):

Note:  Run the Uninstall on the Monitor (not on the Enforce box) that you want to delete, then delete the Monitor from the Symantec DLP UI.   The former Monitor will need a reboot to completely remove Symantec DLP.

You can uninstall a Symantec DLP server (Enforce Server or a detection server) or a specific Vontu component using the Windows Add or Remove Programs functionality. Alternatively, you can uninstall Symantec DLP using the Uninstall.exe file located in the Symantec DLP installation folder (for example, C:\Vontu\Uninstall).

To uninstall the Symantec DLP server or component from Control Panel:

1. Select Start>Control Panel, and double-click on Add or Remove Programs.  The Add or Remove Programs window appears.

2. Scroll down to Symantec DLP and click Change/Remove.  The Symantec DLP Uninstall window appears.

3. To uninstall, click Next.  The Uninstall Options window appears.

4. From the Uninstall Options window, you can completely remove a Symantec DLP server or just remove specific Symantec DLP features and components.

- Complete Uninstall—Select to completely remove Symantec DLP features and components. Any files and folders that you created after the Symantec DLP 

installation are not removed.

- Uninstall Specific Features—Select to remove selected Vontu features or components.

Select an uninstall option and click Next.

5. If you selected Uninstall Specific Features, the Choose Product Features window appears. The features and components you can uninstall depends on the type of Symantec DLP server you are uninstalling. Uncheck the features or components you wish to uninstall and click Uninstall.

6. If you selected Complete Uninstall, the Uninstall Symantec DLP window appears.  When the uninstall process is finished the Uninstall Complete window


7. To complete the uninstall process, click Done.

8. You must restart the machine after you uninstall Symantec DLP to ensure all Symantec DLP services are removed.

To uninstall the Symantec DLP server or component using the Uninstaller:

1. Select Start | All Programs | Symantec DLP | Symantec DLP Uninstaller. The Symantec DLP Uninstall window appears.

2. Click Next to uninstall.

3. The Symantec DLP uninstaller removes all Symantec DLP components.

4. Click Finish to complete the uninstall.

5. You must restart the machine after you uninstall Symantec DLP to ensure all of the Symantec DLP services are removed.

6. Once you have restarted the machine, Symantec DLP will have been removed and you are done.