Will an eDAR scan continue if the Endpoint is disconnected during the scan?


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Discover


If an eDiscover scan is started and a laptop is taken off the network during the scan, will the eDiscover scan continue?


The scan will still continue on the Endpoint.  The Discover target will show a scan status of "Not Reporting" – this reflects the fact that the Agent is not reporting back to the Endpoint server. To view the scan status:

1. From the Enforce UI, click Discover Targets under the Policy section

2. Click Show all Scans for the desired Discover Target (in this example, Endpoint) This will bring you to the Scan History page for that particular target. The scan status will be displayed here for each scheduled scan.

3. Click on the scan in question.  This will bring you to the Scan Detail page. 

4. Click on the Download Full Statistics Report button.  You can open or save this report.

The scan continues on the laptop hard drive via the local agent with the results queued until network connection is made again.  The scan results will then be reported.