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In some instances, the NIC does not appear within the UI. How can I verify the NIC setup and make it available?


The DLP Network Monitors require a dedicated NIC (or Endace card depending on traffic volume) for monitoring the actual traffic. Occasionally, clients change or add new NICs and the setup must be verified as available and working. 

To verify whether a NIC is available:

  1. Check DLP UI access as Administrator.
    1. From the left pane, select Administrator > System Overview.
    2. Select the proper server, then select Configure.
  2. Select the new NIC if it is available.
  3. If you do NOT see the NIC as a selection choice within the UI, check the status within Windows device manager:
    1. From the Windows device manager, select
      Start > Run > compmgmt.msc > device manager.
    2. Select Network Adapters.
    3. Verify the presence of the card. Obviously if the card is not seen on the OS level it will not be available as a choice within the Vontu UI.
  4. If you have the NIC available on the OS level but not as a choice within the DLP UI or Wireshark, re-install the latest supported winpcap. In rare circumstances, a re-install with a new UNIQUE monitor name is necessary.

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Additional information on WinPCap and Wireshark can be found here: