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Scoreboard: Invalid parent in usq:313010 used by ...


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Some Scoreboard Nodes are missing.

In the stdlog file I see the ERROR "Invalid parent in usq:313010 used by ..."


USRD 12.9 and above


This Error occurs when scoreboard nodes are out of sequence under a parent node.

Use straight SQL statements to correct the node definitions for the scoreboards so you can address them on a case by case basis.

Use the following steps: 


1. First lookup the node in the usq table that is displayed in the error - e.g.: 

     select * from usq where persid = 'usq:313010' 

2. Now find the parent value of that node and lookup all the sub-nodes of that parent (in this case 310175).

     select * from usq where parent = '310175'

3. Check the sequence number of the result of the first query and note that it's out of sync with the other sequence numbers for this parent (23010). 

4. Now update the sequence number for node 'usq:313010' so that it sits within a valid position under the parent. 

     update usq set sequence = 625500 where persid = 'usq:313010' 

5. Refresh the cache for the User_Query table: 

     pdm_cache_refresh -t User_Query 


Repeat these steps for each of the nodes highlighted in the error messages in the stdlog.