Symantec DLP 10.0 Squid Integration Guide


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Data Loss Prevention Network Prevent for Web


Symantec Data Loss Prevention 10.0 Integration Guide for Squid Web Proxy.


Symantec Data Loss Prevention supports integrating Squid Web Proxy 3.0 with Network Prevent (Web) to inspect HTTP traffic, and to block or modify traffic that violates configured policies. You integrate the proxy using the Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) interface provided in Squid 3.0 and a request modification (REQMOD) definition that proxies unencrypted traffic to Network Prevent (Web).

The Squid Web Proxy integration supports only forward-proxy mode deployments using ICAP request modification (REQMOD) mode. HTTP blocking is supported. Squid also supports HTTP content removal when a request is found to violate Symantec Data Loss Prevention policies.

The following is not supported:

  • Reverse proxy configurations (RESPMOD mode).
  • Inspection of encrypted (SSL) content.
  • Native or tunneled FTP monitoring and blocking.

See the attached Squid Integration Guide for more information.


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