How to setup and scan NFS drives
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How to setup and scan NFS drives


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Data Loss Prevention Network Discover


Setting up and scanning NFS drives.


On the Unix side the files to be accessible are via an NFS share. On the Discover server you have to have an NFS client setup.
SFU would suffice Windows Services for UNIX Version 3.5 

For Windows Server 2008 please see Services for NFS Step-by-Step Guide for Windows Server 2008
When you add Services for Network File System through the File Services role it adds both the Server for NFS and Client for NFS services.
You can disable the Server for NFS service if desired.

Please note:
- Discover only, Protect does not work with NFS shares
- Owner and ACLs are not recorded
- last-accessed dates are affected by scan
- Anonymous credentials are supported
- Does not support multi-byte credentials or share names

In order to set up the scan, please follow these steps:

1.    Go to /Vontu/Protect/config/ and see if the following applies:

crawler.use.jcifs = false

2.    Go to /Vontu/Protect/bin to see the following files of interest:

nfs.bat - contains the command used to connect when using mount
nfsu.bat - contains the command used to disconnect when using mount
smb.bat - contains the command used to connect when using jcifs
smbu.bat - contains the command used to disconnect when using jcifs

In this case, we only need to modify the files nfs.bat and nfsu.bat .

3.    Use the content of the mounting script to test whether or not you will be able to successfully mount and unmount the NFS drive.

For example, within the smb.bat the command line is

net use %1 %2 %4 /user:%3 /persistent:no

Which has the following substitutes.

%1 = drive
%2 = path
%3 = username
%4 = password

In a similar fashion, nfs.bat and nfsu.bat are setup with the same substitutions.

Once you have tested the mount command and updated the mount scripts, you should be able to run the scan against it.

Also, the default (smb.bat + jcifs enabled) mounter appears to work for NFS shares.  In this case, last-accessed date is not affected by scanning. (this option hasn't been extensively tested). In that case the mounting scripts would have to be set as nfs:\\hostname\share\...