.tmp files in \Protect\incidents directory
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.tmp files in \Protect\incidents directory


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


I have a lot of .tmp files in the C:\Vontu\Protect\incidents directory.  What are they? Can they be removed?


When a file is being copied from the Detection Server to Enforce, the file is created as a .tmp.  Once the transfer completes, the file is renamed from .tmp to .idc. 


If a transfer fails, the .tmp file may linger for a number of hours.  The time is configured in the \Protect\config\MonitorController.properties file with the setting temp_incident_expiration_hours.  The default is 24 hours.

If there is an excessive number of .tmp files that have a timestamp of more than an hour, it could be a sign of a problem with communication with one or more Detection Servers.