Error during v10 upgrade process when incorrect character encoding installed on DLP's Oracle database


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The following error occurs during the v10 upgrade process when the incorrect character encoding is installed on the Oracle database for DLP:

“Oracle is configured to use an incorrect character set. Symantec DLP requires the AL32UTF8 character set.”

In the upgrader this would appear on the Precheck screen.  In the installer it would appear as a popup after they have finished entering their Oracle user information.

If the recommended installation and upgrade process is followed, this does not occur and the correct encoding is already in place.


When the standard database template provided by Symantec is not used during the DLP installation, the appropriate character encoding does not get installed.  The correct character set is AL32UTF8.

Both the V10 installer and upgrader have a check built in so that this particular error will not occur during the actual installation process.  Symantec can then work on a one-off basis with customers to get them upgraded with the correct character encoding.

A stand-alone script has been developed that will indicate whether a customer has the right encoding.  This script is intended for upgrades only (not fresh installs), and must be run at least three weeks BEFORE going through the upgrade process.  This will then give customers the ability to find out about the problem *before* scheduling an upgrade window and allow them to handle the problem at their leisure. 

If, after running this script, a problem is reported, first contact your DBA team to resolve the problem before scheduling your upgrade window.  If there is no DBA team or if your DBAs cannot resolve the issue, then call  technical support.  They will be able to direct your issue to the appropriate resource for resolution.

The script is attached to this KB.

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